Over Veerkracht (Resilience) (in Dutch)

By Hans Konstapel April 2nd, 2012, under Biology, Business, Completed, Cycles, Ecology, Economy, History, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology

De leer van de thermodynamica is in de 19e eeuw ontstaan uit natuurkundig onderzoek dat werd uitgevoerd om de efficiëntie van de stoommachine te verbeteren. Inmiddels heeft deze wetenschap belangrijke wetten over het Universum ontdekt. Volgens de thermodynamica beweegt de energie in het Universum op de lange termijn zich van een onmogelijke extreem hete situatie, de Big Bang, naar [...]

About Perspective

By Hans Konstapel February 2nd, 2012, under Art, Completed, Cycles, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics

Introduction When we Look with our Eyes and not with our Mind we can See that Space looks very different from what we Think it is. In Our Space Parallel Lines meet at Infinity. Around 1400 during the Renaissance Painters started to look at Space with their own Eyes and discovered the Rules of Perspective Drawing. Between [...]

About Number and Magnitude

By Hans Konstapel January 9th, 2012, under Completed, Computer and Communication Technology, Cycles, History, Language, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Religion

We have lost the relationship between Number and Form or Number and Magnitude as the Ancient Greeks called their Forms. A few years ago a Revolution in Mathematics and Physics has started. This revolution is caused by Geometric Algebra. In Geometric Algebra the Ancient Theories of Euclid and Pythagoras are reevaluated. Numbers are Scalar (Quantum) [...]

About the Vedic Square

By Hans Konstapel December 19th, 2011, under Completed, Cycles, Mathematics, Physics, Religion

This blog is about the Cycle of Nine implemented in the Digital Root or Modulus 9-Function. The Digital Root generates many Patterns that were used in Ancient Architectures. One of the most important Digital Root Patterns is the Vedic Square. It is the Digital Root of the Multiplication Table of the numbers 1 to 9. [...]

About Mystical Number Theory and Pascal’s Triangle

By Hans Konstapel December 2nd, 2011, under Cycles, Language, Philosophy, Physics, Religion

The first part of this Blog is about the Triangular numbers, related to the Number 3, the Holy Trinity. The second part shows that Pascal’s Triangle (called Meru’s Mountain in Mystics), the Binomial Expansion,  contains every Possible Mystical Number Pattern (including the Triangular Numbers) you can Imagine. Pascal Triangle also shows that our Universe is [...]

About Saturn, the Son of the Sun

By Hans Konstapel October 30th, 2011, under Cycles, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology

Early astronomical traditions identify the “Primeval Sun” as the planet Saturn. Saturn was identified with Osiris in Egypt and Shiva in India.  The Babylonians, the founders of Astronomy, called Saturn the “Light of Heaven, the Sun-God Shamash (or Šamaš). Tacitus records the Jews as worshipping the planet Saturn, Shabbatai,  as their god. In Plato’s Timaeus, the [...]

About the Sum of Things

By Hans Konstapel September 22nd, 2011, under Completed, Computer and Communication Technology, Cycles, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics

The Lo Shu is a Chinese Model for Time and was used to design Cities, Temples, Cycles and Calendars. The Lo Shu is a 3×3 Magic Square created by Fu Xi, the Founder of Chinese Civilization. Fu Xi lived around the time of the Great Flood. The Magic Square was carried by a Turtle. The Turtle [...]

About Combining the Combinations

By Hans Konstapel May 30th, 2011, under Biology, Business, Learning, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology

  “Evolution means the creation of larger and larger islands of order at the expense of even greater seas of disorder in the world. In the process of evolution, each succeeding species is more complex and thus better equipped as a transformer of available energy.: Jeremy Rifkin, Entropy: A New World View (1980). You wouldn’t [...]