About the Next Wave of the Kondratiev Cycle

By Hans Konstapel April 17th, 2014, under Business, Completed, Computer and Communication Technology, Cycles, Economy, History, Learning

The Future Center Smart Systems will be launched, 23-4-2014 in the Hague. To prepare for the interactive part of the meeting this document has been written to provide some Food for Thought. What is a Future Center? A Future Center is a place to connect and innovate. We want to create an environment that facilitates [...]

Launch Future Center Smart Systems

By Hans Konstapel February 27th, 2014, under Business, Completed, Computer and Communication Technology

Wednesday the 23th of April 2014 13:00 – 17:00 we want to launch the Future Center Smart Systems. The meeting will take place in the Living Lab of the The Hague Centre for Innovation, 2nd floor Campus Den Haag, Schouwburgstraat 2, 2511 VA Den Haag. The Future Center is an initiative of LIACS, Leiden Institute [...]

About Autarky

By Hans Konstapel October 11th, 2012, under Biology, Business, Completed, Cycles, Ecology, Economy, History, Learning, Philosophy, Psychology

The amount of local cooperative energy-companies in the Netherlands (in 2012) is increasing. It all has to do with the decrease of the price of solar-sells but there is more at stake. Local energy-companies are part of a movement aimed at Autarky. Autarky is the quality of being self-sufficient. The word Autarky comes from Greek αὐτάρκεια (autárkeia), itself from αὐτός (autós) = [...]

Over de Paradoxen van het Leven (in Dutch)

By Hans Konstapel August 14th, 2012, under Completed, Cycles

INLEIDING Op woensdag 26 september 2012, 15.30 – 17.30 heb ik een verhaal verteld over Path of Change in het Dialoques House van ABN AMRO in Amsterdam ZO. Hierbij de plaatjes van de presentatie. Als er vragen zijn stel ze gerust via het contact-formulier. Paths of Change gaat over veranderen en is ontwikkeld door Will McWhinney. Recent is [...]

About Intelligent Design

By Hans Konstapel April 17th, 2012, under Biology, Completed, Cycles, Ecology, Economy, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics

Thermodynamics, the Science of Heat, became an important science in the 19th century when physicists started to improve the Steam-Machine. This blog is about a recently discovered law of Thermodynamics called the Constructal Law. The Constructal Law describes How Intelligent Systems emerge out of the Laws of Thermodynamics. According to Thermodynamics the evolution of the [...]

Over Veerkracht (Resilience) (in Dutch)

By Hans Konstapel April 2nd, 2012, under Biology, Business, Completed, Cycles, Ecology, Economy, History, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology

De leer van de thermodynamica is in de 19e eeuw ontstaan uit natuurkundig onderzoek dat werd uitgevoerd om de efficiëntie van de stoommachine te verbeteren. Inmiddels heeft deze wetenschap belangrijke wetten over het Universum ontdekt. Volgens de thermodynamica beweegt de energie in het Universum op de lange termijn zich van een onmogelijke extreem hete situatie, de Big Bang, naar [...]

About Perspective

By Hans Konstapel February 2nd, 2012, under Art, Completed, Cycles, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics

Introduction When we Look with our Eyes and not with our Mind we can See that Space looks very different from what we Think it is. In Our Space Parallel Lines meet at Infinity. Around 1400 during the Renaissance Painters started to look at Space with their own Eyes and discovered the Rules of Perspective Drawing. Between [...]

About Number and Magnitude

By Hans Konstapel January 9th, 2012, under Completed, Computer and Communication Technology, Cycles, History, Language, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Religion

We have lost the relationship between Number and Form or Number and Magnitude as the Ancient Greeks called their Forms. A few years ago a Revolution in Mathematics and Physics has started. This revolution is caused by Geometric Algebra. In Geometric Algebra the Ancient Theories of Euclid and Pythagoras are reevaluated. Numbers are Scalar (Quantum) [...]