Why Mobile Communication is Generating Stress

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Today I searched the Internet and by coincidence (does it exist?) I found a small document about the dangers of Wifi. It is dated the 28th of April 2007. The most interesting part of this document is a poll. 40% of the voters are not interested in the answer if it is dangerous or not.

They don’t mind because they are addicted to mobile communication. People that are addicted to smoking would give the same answer. I don’t mind if I get cancer. I take the risk. Mobile phones are also creating cancer (and other things I come back to that later) but now I am getting very confused.

We are forbidding smoking because of this and we are not forbidding mobile communication.

What is happening?

The answer is simple. Cigarettes are not produced by government owned companies and mobile communication is. Government has invested billions in infrastructure and many companies are totally dependent on mobile communication. Millions of software programs use it. If we would stop mobile communication the country would come to a still stand.

Ok. So it is a strategic issue. We have to take the risk.

Yes but now I am getting more confused.

Cars are also a strategic issue but here we are advising and training people. So we could train users what to do to prevent the greatest risk. We could tell them not to put the telephone in their pocket or not to keep it against your ear or we could forbid mobile telephones for children or we could decide not to put the transmitters on houses where older people are living or …..

What is happening?

There are a few possibilities.

1. The risk is very low. Research is not telling this.

2. The risk is very high. This could be the case. The risk is so high that they want to prevent that everybody gets into panic. I don’t think so. The risk is high in the long term and not in the short term. To state it simple mobile networks create a high level of stress.

3. They don’t understand the risk. I am convinced this is the case. Scientists believe the human body is acting like a machine that is made out of parts. They don’t know what to do with a field. Parts are related to causal and short term thinking. Fields are related to wholeness and we cannot find one cause that explains it all. Stress is a field, a state, an effect. There are many causes and we cannot handle this with our Western Brain.

Now it is time to explain something.

I use material from a document called “The Holographic Universe, by RICHARD ALAN MILLER, BURT WEBB, and DARDEN DICKSON, Experimental College University of Washington.

A few citations:

The formation of a certain type of chemical bond known as the resonance bond (which is most easily seen in the case of the Benzene molecule) leads to a peculiar situation in which certain electrons are freed from a local or particular location in the molecule. These are then free to travel around the entire molecule.

The essential fluidity of life may correspond with the fluidity of the electronic cloud in conjugated molecules. Such systems may best be considered as both the cradle and the main backbone of life.

The biological activity or specificity of action of various molecules is intimately related to their structure or their exact three-dimensional spatial configuration.

A constant magnetic field can, in principle, affect the various processes in biological objects.

Such electromagnetic fields normally serve as conveyors of information, from the environment to the organism, within the organism, and among organisms.

Electromagnetic forces can be used to change three fundamental life processes in mammals. These processes are (1) the stimulation of bone growth (2) the stimulation of partial multi-tissue regenerative growth and (3) the influence on the basic level of nerve activity and function. All these affects appear to be mediated through perturbations in naturally pre-existing bioelectronic systems. The organism’s bioelectronic system also seems to be related to levels of consciousness and to biological cycles.

Research carried out with organisms in fields lower or higher than the normal magnetic field strength of the earth inevitably results in deterioration and death of the organisms involved.

Consciousness may be seen as a frame of electrical charges in motion such as electrons bombarding a television screen; personality is a time series of these scintillating frames of consciousness. Personality becomes a reverberating input-output pattern of self creation seeking information or patterns of energy from the environment as well as from its own memories. The personality never recreates itself but creates only a close approximation which is accepted due to the principle of constancy as being the same.

Human beings are better seen as on-going, dynamic, shifting, changing, field entities (or field patterns).

We feel that many of the problems of society that are current today can be traced to our ignorance of, or refusal to embrace, this larger holographic electrodynamic reality in which we live“.

And last but not least:

Weather systems also have electrical and magnetic correlates. One can see a very positive contact or connection between electromagnetic phenomena associated with weather and the behaviour and health of organisms. A more advanced theory would connect weather changes and changes in the physical environment to behaviour and biological products attributable to organisms. More precisely stated not only does weather in a variety of ways profoundly influence living creatures, but also it is possible that living creatures can influence weather“.

What is happening?

We are creating a highly stressfull situation and it looks like the collective stress is generating stressy weather.

But it is worse.

The Russians and the US (and Chinese?) military are playing with the knowlegde of the Holographic Universe for 35 years. They are playing with electro magnetic fields. The article is written in 1972 and Transcendental warfare, the use of Electro-magnetic fields and Para-Psychology in the battlefield, is about using this knowledge. The people who are doing this research know how it works but they don’t want to reveal this because War is always related to Secrecy.

We are also in a process where the sun is moving closer to the galactic centre. This is creating an exponential growth of electro magnetic radiation. Not only the earth is warming but also the moon and the other planets. On the Website of NASA you can find all the facts.

The movement to the Centre was predicted by The Mayas, The Essenes, The Sufi, The Hopi’s, The Navajo’s and every other Spiritual Leader for a long time ago.

Citation:” Furthermore, this knowledge is not new. It is the main core of the message of the Spiritual Leaders throughout history. It is also discussed, in other terms, by many individuals who characteristically experience psycho energetic phenomena (e.g., psycho kinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition).

What can we do?

The people that experience “psycho energetic phenomena” know that the Light of Love can save us and The Light will help us if we allow it to help us.

The Spiritual Leaders framed this in a very simple message: Know Yourself and Give Love to the Other.

The message for the Part-thinkers is: Meditate, Relax, Take your Time, Enjoy your Lover, Your Children, Life and Nature.

Turn off your mobile phone.

Use Email.

Create enough time for yourselve and others.

Stop having long useless meetings.

Don’t make too much appointments.

Plan two days of free time.

Plan and act according to your plan.

Take a the risk and be spontaneous.

Do what you promise to do.

Evaluate if all the things you want to accomplish are really needed.

Don’t strive for perfection (the 80/20 rule).

Are we already in a very high state of luxury? Do we need more?

Is it already available somewhere (Copy and Think).

Can we learn from others?

Can we help others? There are many lonely old people that love to have a talk or want to spend some time in Nature. Imagine you are old? What do you want to happen to you? It is a very simple exercise and it is the same message as the Spiritual Leaders are giving only framed in another language.

You can also use the Golden Rule of Ethics of Emmanuel Kant (a well known philosopher) “treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Or to put it in the terms of the Field: Keep in Tune with your Environment.

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