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How to Make Sure that Everybody Believes what We are Believing: About Web 3.0

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

This morning I discovered a new term Web 3.0. According to the experts Web 2.0 is about “connecting people” and Web 3.0 is about “connecting systems”.

Web 1.0 is the “good old Internet”. The “good old Internet” was created by the US Army to prevent that people and systems would be disconnected in a state of War with the Russians. Later Tim Berners Lee and the W3C added a new feature “hypertext”, connecting documents by reference.

As you see everybody is all the time talking about connecting something to something. In the first phase we connect “systems”. Later we connect “people”. Now we want to connect "systems" again. We are repeating the goal but for some reason we never reach the goal.

In every stage of the development of our IT-technology we are connecting people, software (dynamics) and documents (statics) and reuse the same solutions all over again.

Could it be that the reused solutions are not the “real” solutions? Do we have to look elsewhere? Perhaps we don’t want to look elsewhere because we love to repeat the same failures all over again and again. If everything is perfect we just don’t know what to do!

There is an article about Web 3.0 in Wikipedia.

Two subjects are shaping Web 3.0. The first is the Semantic Web and the other is the use of Artificial Intelligence, Data- & Text Mining to detect interesting Patterns.

The Semantic Web wants to make it possible to Reason with Data on the Internet. It uses Logic to do this. The Semantic Web wants to standardize Meaning.

The Semantic Web uses an “old fashioned” paradigm about Reasoning and Language. It supposes that human language is context-independent. They have to suppose that Human Language is context-independent because if they don’t believe this they are unable to define a Computer Language (OWL) at all.

It is widely acccepted that the interpretation of Language is dependent of a Situation, a Culture and the Genesis of the Human itself. Every Human is a Unique Creation. A Human is certainly not a Robot.

The effect of a wide spread implementation of the Semantic Web will lead to a World Wide Standardization of Meaning based on the English Language. The Western Way of Thinking will finally become fixed and dominant.

The Semantic Web will increase the use of the Conduit Metaphor. The Conduit Metaphor has infected the English Language on a large scale. The Conduit Metaphor supposes that Humans are disconnected Objects. The disconnected Sender (an Object) is throwing Meaning (Fixed Structures, Objects) at the disconnected Receiver (An Object).

The Conduit Metaphor blocks the development of shared meaning (Dialogue) and Innovation (Flow). The strange effect of Web 3.0 will be a further disconnection. I think you understand now why we have to start all over again and again to connect people, software and content.