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Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Venus-Galactic-CrossAt sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life a tree remembered in all the world’s spiritual traditions.

Some observers say this alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that dwells upon it, raising it all to a higher level of vibration.

 The galactic alignment is a core idea in many of the world’s spiritual traditions-especially The Mayas, The Toltecs, The Hopis, Mithraism (The predecessor of Christianity), the Vedic Yuga doctrine, and  Neoplatonic philosophy, all the way up to William Blake.

Time is accelerating. Events that took centuries to take place now take years. Calculations that would have taken decades are now made in minutes. The Internet enables communication that used to take months to happen in seconds. In almost every area of life, change is occurring faster and faster.

So where is all this leading? Some people think we are headed toward what is called a “singularity.” This is the term that mathematicians give to a point when an equation breaks down and ceases to have any useful meaning.

A singularity in mathematic arises when we divide by zero. In the old mathematics this was impossible but in the current state of mathematics a singularity is simply a hole in the “space/time of numbers”.

If we look at the current ideas of time numbers represent an event and all the events are represented by a highly symmetrical structure “the hyper diamond“. This Diamond also called the Hall of Mirrors represents all the Possible Paths we can take in the Multi-Verse.

holycross9Time is speeding up because the Amount of Events per Time-Unit is speeding up. The speeding up is not a linear proces. It follows a Power-Law. When a Power Law is active Speed is Speeding Up (Spiraling). At a certain moment the Spiral will move into the Singularity.

Mathematical Space contains many holes and we are able to navigate avoiding the holes.

There is one very special hole. This hole represents the Primal Void, the Emptiness before any thing was created. Some people call this state God.

According to the Physicist Leshan we can use this hole to Travel Time and Space. Perhaps we will reach the Hole of Leshan in 2012.

In the weird experiments of John Neumann with a Tesla-Time machine 2012 showed itself as a Time-Wall. The experimenters could not pass this wall.

The Experiments of the Psychologist Helen Wambach showed the Same Pattern. Wambach used Regression Therapy to move thousands of people into the Future. It was impossible to jump to the period surrounding 2012. To her surprise many people predicted the same thing. Before 2012 the world will be hit by intense events like the collapse of the banking system, major conflicts, major earthquakes and spectaculair weather-events.


The idea that humanity is heading towards a point of infinitely was explored by Teilhard the Chardin (Point Omega) and in recent times by Terence McKenna in his book The Invisible Landscape. He calls this point Timewave Zero.

McKenna developed a mathematical Fractal Function, which he called the “timewave”, that appeared to match the overall rate of ingression of novelty in the world. “Ingression of novelty” is a term coined by the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead to denote new forms or developments coming into existence.

This timewave is not a smooth curve, but one that has peaks and troughs corresponding to the peaks and troughs of the rate of ingression of novelty across human history.

The most significant characteristic of McKenna’s timewave is that its shape repeats itself, but over shorter and shorter intervals of time.

The curve shows a surge in novelty around 500 BC, when Socrate, Buddha, and Pythagoras created a new Religous Paradigm (“Know Thyself“).

The repeating nature of McKenna’s timewave shows the same pattern occurring in the late 1960s, where it happened sixty-four times faster.

In 2010, the pattern repeats again, sixty-four times faster still.

At December 22, 2012 the timescale is compressed from months to weeks, to days, tending very rapidly toward zero: a point McKenna called “Timewave Zero.” At that moment we have ended our evolutionary journey and will jump to a new state.

Balanced Ternary Tree of 43According to new mathematical models (the Ternary Numbers) and new insights in physics (String Theory) we will re-connect to the Super Mind that created our Universe and re-connect to the invisible parallel universes that started the same time our Universe was created.

We will be able to communicate with all the isolated souls that exist in many disconnected time-lines in many disconnected universes.  

 The time between now and 2012 will be a time when many old Institutions will Die. We can see this already in the Banking Industry. They will be unable to handle the increasing amount of vital events.

In this time frame we will also experience strange Weatherpatterns and a Restructering of Nature.

I hope you can imagine that all the structures we have created will collapse at a certain level of change. The only way to survive will be a state of “Martial Law”. This exactly what the US Time Travellers of Helen Wambach are predicting.

If we accept the idea of the Singularity, Point Omega or Time Wave Zero there are two choices.

The first choice is to withstand the pressure and stay on Earth. The other choice is to Unite the Opposites, Move through the Hole of the Primal Void to our Complementatry Universe (Heaven, The Kingdom).The last choice is only possible if we Know Our Selves. 

But I say unto you that the Kingdom is Within You, and it is among you. When ye come to Know Yourselves, then others will know you, and ye will know that ye are all children of the living Father. But if ye will not know yourselves, ye dwell in poverty and ye are yourselves that poverty” (Gospel of Thomas, Logion 3). “When ye make the Two One, and when you make the Inside like unto the Outside and the Outside like unto the Inside, and that which is Above like unto that which is Below, and when ye make the Male and the Female one and the same, …..then will ye enter into the Kingdom.” (Gospel of Thomas, Logion 22).

The Dream of the World Clock

In the language of the Toltecs we have to fool the Eagle to get at the other Side. After we Die The Eagle “eats our experience” and brings us back to Earth without a memory of what has happened.

The Eagle creates a Veil that covers the “real world, the World of the Senses”. There is a Pathway to Pass the Hole of the Eagle and Leave 3-Dimensional space.

To pass the Eagle we have to forget our Experiences and become Innocent again.

When the Amount of Events increases we will reach a point where the Senses will simply collaps of the huge amount of Stress.

Between Now and 2012 we have to make a choice. We can go on to the bitter End (The Apocalyps) or we can use our Consciousness, the Gift of the Great Spirit.


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What US Time Travellers are Telling about their Future: The Results of the Experiments of Helen Wambach

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

A few years ago a friend advised me to visit a well-known hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapists know that Future and Past are “known” in the Now. They explore the past because they believe the Now is influenced by the Causal Chain of Time. They believe in Karma. They believe we are in this life to solve something we did “wrong” in an earlier life.

Personally I don’t believe this is the case. I believe our Universe is an immense learning machine that already contains all the possible paths we can travel. This explains why people are able to Travel Time.

It took a very long time before the therapist brought me in the State of Hypnosis. When I was in the state I experienced something I had never ever experienced before. I went back in History and visited former Life’s.

A week later I went on holiday and the effect of his treatment was prolonged. While driving our car I went into trance-states. The holiday became a magical journey. I found out that my wife and I had been connected in history many times in many relationships and that a special theme (loosing our child) was coming back all the time.

In the next meeting with the therapist the effect of the treatment was even more spectacular. Within a few minutes I traveled through space with an enormous speed. I flew into the Eye Of God and experienced Intense Love. I did not want to leave this state. The therapist had to “drag me out of it”.

The Union with God returned many times until I moved into a very special experience. I died and came back alive and went into a trance-state for more than a week in which I was told many things about the Future and the Structure of the Universe. After this experience (a Rising of my Kundalini) my Life changed in many ways. I came into a very special state of Coincedences which I now call My Magical Mystery Tour.

Helen Wambach, started a big research project in the late 1990′s. She defined a protocol and brought many people in a state of hypnosis. In this state she asked them to move into the Future. The results were remarkable. There was a huge consistency in the stories people were telling. They were talking from many perspectives about a shared future.

When she asked people to jump to the near future many of them were unable to do that. They were “incarnated” in a future far ahead (>2100). Only a few could talk about the near future and they experienced terrible conditions related to a major disaster (eartquakes, floods). Experiments done by other researchers showed a comparable pattern.

In 1989 Chet Snow wrote a book about her research called Mass Dreams of the Future, Mc Graw Hill & Co.

This is the general pattern:

1. In the coming years enormous disasters (Earthquakes, Floods, Financial Collapse of the US) will take place. Japan and the US West Coast will disappear. Society will collapse and many people will die. The US will move into a State of Martial Law.

2. After many years most of humanity will live in just four environment types: First: sylvan, ecologically-sound creative and spiritual communities widely scattered in temperate zones; Second: hi-tech cities dependent on domes and other artificial protections against a harsh exterior environment; Third: isolated, rustic settlements of people who have forsaken technological solutions to Earth’s problems, returning to a simpler, less-complex life-style; and Fourth: space-farers who inhabit artificial space stations above the Earth, or build protected colonies on nearby planets like Mars.

3. A period after 2300 AD, known as the “Outward Wave,” when humanity will no longer be bound either by this solar system or by present-day concepts of 3-D reality.

A comparable book is the The Third Reich of Dreams by Charlotte Beradt. The book contains dreams of normal people in Germany that predicted every aspect of the Nazi Regime in every detail. At the end of her book Beradt says that these dreams contain a warning, “the warning that totalitarian tendencies must be recognized before they become overt – before the guise is dropped … before people no longer may speak the word “I” and must guard their tongue so that not even they understand what they say, and before we begin to actually live the “Life Without Walls

The dream states of Helen Wambach’s are taken from normal US Citizens. Just like the dreams of the Third Reich they contain a warning. The warning for a massive decline in the American population caused by a succession of natural and also political disasters. Many of the prophecies are very detailed and already came out. The major disaster seems to be postponed. Let us hope for ever.

This could be related to the fact that the future is not determinated but is related to the collective psyche. It is proved that when many people imagine something it will happen. Perhaps the “knowledge” of the disaster prevented the disaster.

The US Army is spending a lot of money to build a Time Machine and Tele-Portation. They also use (or used) people (Remote Viewers) to travel time (History and Future) to detect unwanted intruders and also act according to these threats. Perhaps they “prevented” the disaster.

In august 2004 the American Army released a report about the possible use of Teleportation and Time Travel. It contains a very special chapter dedicated to the work of Leshan.

An unusual teleportation concept has been proposed by Leshan (1999, 2002), which describes the teleportation of objects throughout our universe by using the geometrical properties of space-time. The proposal posits that there is a “zero-space” that exists outside the boundary of our universe, whereby this zero-space is a “point form” space, where the distance between any two points is always equal to zero. Leshan also calls this space a “hole.”

Further requirements and assumptions of the model are:

  • time does not exist as a property in zero-space
  • the cosmological principle (i.e., there are no privileged frames relative to another place or point in the universe) requires that the boundary or border of the universe must pass through every point of space
  • virtual holes (or zero-space) in space-time must exist at every point of the universe, which are also called “vacuum holes”
  • vacuum holes exist as virtual particles

What Leshan is explaining is that there is place outside the Boundary of our Universe that is the Primal Void, the Emptiness before any thing was created. This Primal Void permeates our Universe at every place and shows itself as Tiny Holes. The Holes are everywhere. We can travel through these Holes to any point in Time and Space.

The Hole in Time/Space was well known in history. It was called a Bindu in the Ancient Science of India and the Sekhem in Ancient Egypt.

At this moment Scientist are developing very powerful instruments to jump through the Wormhole. They think they need a lot of energy to do this.

To Travel through you don’t need a lot of energy. To travel Time and Space through the Spiritual Hole you need to develop a very special “attitude”. According to Dzogchen teachings, the energy of an individual is essentially totally formless. However the individual’s mindstream gives rise to two kinds of forms:

  • forms that the individual experiences as his or her body, voice and mind and
  • forms that the individual experiences as an external environment

What appears as a world of apparently external phenomena, is the energy of the individual him or herself. There is nothing external or separate from the individual. Everything that manifests in the individual’s field of experience is a continuum.

When an advanced practitioner successfully completes practices he realizes the Body Of Light or the Rainbow Body. The final goal is to Dissolve in the Void (The Zero Point of Leshan). With the Body Of Light he can travel Time and Space.

The Body Of Light is a spiritual term for the non-physical body, the Body of the Soul.  It is known by many names in different spiritual traditions, such as “the resurrection body” and “the glorified body” in Christianity. “The most sacred body” (wujud al-aqdas) and “supracelestial body” (jism asli haqiqi) in Sufism. “the diamond body” in Taoism. “The body of bliss” in Kriya Yoga and “the immortal body” (soma athanaton) in Hermeticism.

The most important practice is a to learn a special form of Lucid Dreaming, Being Aware in the Dream State. If this happens the Power of the Kundalini Energy Jumps (like what happened to me) and opens up the Light Body. If this happens many “para-normal” abilities show them selves and the person is connected to the Flow of the Tao.

The result of the activity of a hypnotherapist looks a lot like Lucid Dreaming.

Perhaps the people of EllenWambach really traveled time and visited a Highly Possible Future.

I think it is a good advice to pay some attention to the results of Mass Dreams of the Future.

What the theories of Physics also learn is that The Now Influences History And The Future.

Perhaps we can change some things we don’t like together. Let us start a Dialogue about What we Really Want.