Why the Old Magic is Still Possible: About Franz Bardon and Quantum Superposition

Until recently many people believed in Occult Powers. These powers are acting for the good (Angels) or for the bad (Devils). White and Black Magician used these powers to influence the course of causal time.

Magic and Magicians have left the stage of History. The stage is taken over by fake magicians (like Uri Geller) who use tricks to deceit their public. I believe the Old Magic is still possible.

Magic is still to be found in Books, Games and Movies. The new magicians use advanced technology to create special and impressive effects. The old fashioned magicians used much more simple devices like a wand, a mirror and of course spells.

Science has succeeded to convince us that “the old magicians” where just like the stage-magicians. They just fooled everybody or used invisible technology (mirrors).

I am convinced that this is not true. The Power of the Will is tremendous and there is also a scientific story to tell that proofs that Angels en Devils are still there. We just call them differently.

The Angels and the Devils are translated in the language of Science. They are now called Forces or Fields.

The Holographic Universe is an enfolding self-referential structure. The Holographic Universe can be reformulated in the Consciouss Universe. In this Universe there are levels of enfolding that are acting like Angels and Devils. At this moment we call these levels of enfolding Fields or Forces.

It is possible to make a connection with a Field or Force by quantum superposition. Other terms that are used are entrainment or coupling.

Human beings entrain when they are in dialogue or take part of a big exiting event (soccer). Entrainment has also a lot to do with trances. When you are in a deep trance state you are able to create a Quantum Superposition (a becoming one with) a Power that is on another consciouss level than you are.

A Magician used tools to get into the right trance state and used his Will and Imagination to define a path in the network of events that we call time.

Some stage magicians also use trance states. They put the public and/or their “victims” in a hypnotic state.

When you want to read more about Magic have a look at.

My favourite books about Magic are written by Franz Bardon.


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