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About Genesis

Sunday, February 17th, 2008
A very interesting principle that helps to shape education is the principle of Genesis. The principle of Genesis can be seen in the development of the human fetus. It follows all the stages of human evolution but the process takes nine months instead of millions of years.

The most interesting scientists that researched genesis can be found in Russia. They lived in the time of Stalin and tried to cope with Marxism.

Their names are Lev Vigotsky, Yury Lotman’s (the Semiosphere), Vernadsky‘s (the Biosphere, now called Gaya) and of course Bakhtin‘s (the Logosphere). All of them felt that we are reaching a new “jump” in the genesis of our “systems” (thinking, living and commun-ication).

Vigotsky believed in the Genesis of Education. To educate a person we have to teach him all the important stages in the development of a certain science. The only thing we have to do is detect the Major Events or “Jumps” or “Phase Transitions” so we can speed up the process.  

Vigotsky argued that the human evolution is largely connected to the development of tools. If we want to learn more about the Major Jumps of  human culture we have to look at the genesis of our instruments including our “tools of the mind”.
The other important issue of Vigotsky is Context.
People learn when they are operating in the same context the science is applied. The major learning process is Exploration, making mistakes and learning from the mistakes.
Education is only successful if the teacher stretches his pupil a little bit. He (or she) has to Push (Challenge) the learner into a higher State of Understanding to make the next step and to explore a new territory of Understanding.

Bahktin, Vigotsky, Vernadsky and Lotman all believed in a Cyclic system that suddenly moves to a new level. At this moment we would classify their science as Chaos Theory.

If Bahktin, Vernadsky and Lotman and Vigotsky are right we have to prepare ourselves for a new step (Gaya, The Semiosphere, The Logosphere, The Internet).

This step will bring Cooperation on a New scale, Earth.It is not very clear if the new cooperative structure will guide us of if we will guide the structure ourselves.

I think the first thing is happening. We are already confronted with the ”New Wave” and the Wave is increasing his strength. It will “Blow Away” all the Old structures like a Tsunami.

If we look at human cultures the same pattern is visible. We have-to move (!) to certain stages to reach the next stage of development. We cannot enforce Democracy on a culture that is in the stage of the Kingdom or the Tribe.

The same happens in the field of economics and the market. The capitalists are enforcing free trade but they protected their own trade when they were in another stage of their development. We have to accept that the development countries are able to protect their trade because we (the West) did the same thing long ago.

How to Prevent a World Wide Disaster by Creating a Collective Infrastructure

Friday, September 7th, 2007

sun flare

Are you sometimes driving around a in big city without any idea where you are going? Do you experiencing loops when you are using your GPS? The cause of the strange behavior of your GPS could be a Solar Flare.

Do you know that a pilot is unable to fly a plane because everything is controlled by computers? If the Flare is strong enough it will destroy the computer system and the plane will crash. This has happened already.

Do you know that your car is full of computers? When they stop working your car will simply stop.

All over the world the old navigation tools like lighthouses are demolished. Every ship on earth is using GPS. If the GPS-system suddenly stops ships will not be able to navigate.

In 1989 A Sun Flare was the cause of a total power blackout in Quebec.

Is your memory deteriorating? Do you need a small book to write down what you don’t want to forget?

Do you have the feeling that time is speeding up? Everything is moving faster and faster.

Are you waking up in the middle of the night (between 2-3) without any reason?

Are you experiencing hallucinations?

The Sun and other sources of intense radiation are influencing the magnetic field of the Earth. Your brain is entrained to this field. The entrainment is measured by something called the Schumann Resonance.

Earth’s background base frequency (the Schumann Resonance) fluctuates and is rising. For decades the overalll measurement was 7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought a constant. That is why global military communications were using this frequency. However recently reports set the rate at over 11 and climbing.

The strongest of the seven resonances is 7.83 Hz, the alpha brain-wave. If the rise in resonance continues it will influence our ability to relax deeply, balance and integrate our mind/body connection. It will influence REM sleep and dreaming. If it continues to rise, it will breach the threshold into “fast” beta activity. This will create attention deficit disorder and worse Alzheimer-disease. The amount of (young) people that are experiencing ADHD is rising.

This is the reason of sleeping problems, the experience of increasing stress, problems with the short term memory and (later long term memory), a sudden experience of the dream state when you are awake (hallucination). You “see” things that normal people never “see” (UFO’s??). Many people don’t want to discuss this with other people because they are afraid to confess “they are not normal”.

The earth magnetic field is wobbling. Some scientist are predicting a complete dramatic change of the Magnetic Pole of the Earth.. The magnetic pole is also moving fast now. The North Magnetic Pole could soon abandon Canada, migrate north of Alaska and eventually wind up in Russia. Scientists connect the fast movement of the Pole to an upcoming Pole Shift.

 A solar flare is an explosion on the Sun that happens when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields (usually above sunspots) is suddenly released. Flares produce a burst of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to x-rays and gamma-rays.

 Not only the Sun produces flares. Suddenly out of the blue Magnetars (Neutron Stars) appeared.

On August 24, 1998, there was an explosion on the sun as powerful as a hundred million hydrogen bombs. The explosion was an “X-class” solar flare, and during years around solar maximum, such as 1998, such flares are commonplace. They happen every few days or weeks. The Aug. 24th event was powerful. A few days later another blast wave swept past Earth. The source of the blast was SGR 1900+14, a neutron star about 45,000 light years away.

It was the strongest burst of cosmic x-rays and gamma rays we’ve ever recorded. Its power was a million billion (1015) gauss. The magnetic field of the sun is less than 10 gauss in most places, and about 1000 gauss near sunspots. Since 1998, Earth has experienced about 10 similar events.

A huge burst of radiation causes something called an EMP, an ElectroMagnetic Pulse. This is what happened in Quebec in 1998. It was a minor EMP. When the intensity of the flare is very high the energy of the Pulse is able to destroy everything that is connected to the Electricity Power System.

Any unprotected electrical equipment and anything connected to electrical cables, which act as giant lightning rods or antennae will be affected by the pulse. Older, vacuum tube (valve) based equipment is much less vulnerable to EMP; Soviet Cold War-era military aircraft often had avionics based on vacuum tubes.

Most susceptible to EMP are those components with low voltage and current requirements such as solid state devices, integrated circuits, semi conductor devices, digital computers, digital circuitry, alarm systems and electronic sensors.

Generally, as the size of the device decreases, its ability to absorb voltage and current decreases, which results in increased susceptibility to EMP. Due to insufficient funds being available serious problems exist in the Civil and tactical military communications systems.

An EMP will totally destroy the global GPS-system.

Dr. Lowell Wood of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory described the effect of an EMP attack as instantly regressing a country dependent on 21st century technology by more than 100 years. Little has been done to safeguard U.S. electrical systems from the EMP. The EMP Commission reported, an EMP attack on America is a serious possibility and one for which the United States is unprepared.

The EMP Commission was very worried about a terrorist attack. A group of terrorist detonates a small nuclear weapon at a certain altititude. This will create a huge EMP. They did not look at the scenario of an EMP caused by a gigantic flare. At that time nobody was imagining this. I don’t know if somebody in government is looking at the Sun Flare or the Magnetar scenario.

Why are we not informed about this?

We are informed. Everything I am telling you is published in newspapers and broadcasted on television. What we don’t see is the “total picture”.

Why are we not informed about the “total picture”? The total picture is really simple to explain. “Something” in space is producing an enormous amount of radition. The radition is producing heat. Just like the frog in hot water we are unable to feel it but now “strange things” are happening.

Highly sensitive people experience strange sleeping problems. Attention deficit disorder is a huge problem with young kids. We experience strange weather. All these “strange” things are explained by one factor. Explaining Everything by only one factor is the best you can do in science. The principle is called Ockhams Razor (The simplest explanation is the best explanation).

One thing I can imagine is that the total picture will create fear and “strange behavior”. When you “know” a wordwide disaster is coming people would stop working and get into panic or (better) start to enjoy life.

If you believe we are creating our own reality the explanation for what is happening could even be simpler. We don’t need an external power at all. The amount of people that believe the World will soon end is increasing. The 2012-scenario based on the predictions of the Mayan Calender is the talk of the day.

I receive an increasing amount of Emails where people predict an upcoming Apocalypse. If a collective believes this will happen, it will happen. Science has proven this also. We have to prevent that the Dooms Day Scenario becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It will generate a worldwide apathy. People that believe the Apocalypes believe in Destiny. When you believe in Destiny you wait and see.

We have created an world-wide infrastructure that is highly vulnerable. We are highly dependent on infrastructures that are too centralized. If we change the Central Infrastructure into a shared Collective Infrastructure we are independent of almost every disaster. We have to stop creating one point of total failure.

What we have to do is perhaps difficult to realize. We have to become locally indepent of the World Infrastructure. We have to grow our own foods again. We have to create local markets. We have to stop to optimize the value-chain. We need wharehouses when the system fails. We have to generate electricity in our own home. All this is possible.

It will even lower the costs and create a better balance in the ecology and the social infrastructure. People will move out of the big cities and start to produce food. They will start to collaborate on a local level and their culture will be preserved. We don’t have to destroy the collective infrastructure. We can still share our surplusses. We can still move food and electricity from one place to the other but the distance between the centres will decrease. This will save a lot of energy.

Do you want to know more about this subject read Why Mobile Communication is Generating Stress

Hahahaha Dadadada: About Childisch behavior and Decadence

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

This evening I talked with a friend of mine. He runs a business in Knowledge Management Tools. His brother-in-law is very rich and he was invited to visit him in Spain (Valentia). His brother-in-law owns six cars, a big house and a very expensive sailing ship but he is not able to sail.

My friend is an expert in sailing and he is helping his brother-in-law to sail his ship to Alicante. This weekend a huge sailing event is taking place. It is organized by Switzerland. They needed a sea so they made a deal with Spain.

Organizing the whole events costs Euro (Tax money). To develop a sailing boat an investment of 20.000.000 Euro is necessary just to experiment. Building the ship costs much more (200.000.000 Euro).

Winning the race gives you status in the network of rich people. Larry Ellison the owner of Oracle is one of the persons who is investing billons just to win and another Russian billionaire is doing the same. Anderson made his money by creating and selling software to big companies and government agencies. The Russian billionaire just grabbed everything he could get in Russia. He not only owns a expensive ship but also the most important Soccerteam in Brittain (Chelsea).

Normal (poor) people can watch the race on television and rich people don’t even watch. They have their private parties and my friend is invited. I advised him to find somebody that would buy his environment just for fun.

His Sister-in-Law shows strange behavior. She is wasting enormous amounts of money (six cars) but she also looks at the small things. She is “pound foolish and pennywise”. Her main interest is faking the luggage system of the airplane. She does not want to pay more than the normal fair and she has developed numerous tricks to fake even the customs. She is an expert in smuggling. She acts like a big child and she does not knows she is playing with fire.

My friend is an analytic observer and he observes the same thing in government projects (also tax money). His tools are very cheap and very advanced (Open Source) but Government Agencies and especially Government Research Organizations are spending billions to create something that is already available for free.

Rich people don’t pay a lot of taxes. They pay advisors to find holes in laws and the advisors advise governments to create holes. If they don’t do that the rich people move to other places in the world. Switserland is the expert in “helping” rich people. Banks are doing everything you want to do secret things with your money.

Last night I was asked to help the sun of a friend. He was having troubles with mathematics. I am a mathematician. (Not) to my surprise I found out that his problem was not insight but just doing something at school. He was spending all his time with friends, making fun in school and he did not spend a minute to listen to the teacher or to read his book. I couldn’t do anything to help him.

My friend also wanted to talk about the “career” of his sun. He had to make a choice and after some debate I found out that he wanted to become a banker. I have worked for a bank and I explained him what bankers are doing. He wanted to work in the money-market. I told him economics or mathematics is needed. He understood that his behavior in school was not helpful. After some debate I found out that he did not want to become a real banker. Banking was about doing nothing, driving big cars, nice suits and having fun. He just wanted to be rich.Unfortunedly his father was not a rich person so the only thing that was left for him was to play the lottery.

What is happening?

What is happening is called decadence. We are so rich that we don’t know what to do with our wealth.

But we are also very stressed. Why? Because we are convinced we have to work to make money.

To employ people we give them fake-jobs. Many jobs are about advising the advisor. This is a well know play in the Netherlands. Behind every teacher (we have a shortage, it is not paying much) twenty people are advising. Behind every nurse (and we have a shortage, it is not paying much) there are twenty advising. And it goes on. There are advisor to advisor and at a certain point they create a loop. This loop causes complexity and we employ advisors to make it simple and a new complexity arises. In the end we don’t know what is happening, we get stressed and we employ advisors (ok I stop).

It’s like a strange dream and the dream can turn into a nightmare when the system collapses (and it is collapsing) and suddenly we don’t have enough electricity (Fall-outs happen) and the trains are not running (They do).and computer systems are going out of control (They do) The advisors know that the reason is complexity but they don’t know how to solve it.

Dada or Dadaism is a cultural movement that began in neutral Zurich, Switzerland during World Ware I and peaked from 1916 to 1920. The movement concentrated its anti-war politic through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti art. The movement influenced later styles, movements, and groups including Surrealism, Pop Art and Fluxus.

The artists created art out of junk and shit and made a fool of the governing class. Surrealism uses the Dream World to show how the elite is behaving. The “leader” Andre Breton was trained in medicine and psychiatry. He used the psychoanalytic methods of Freud with soldiers who were shell-schocked. He admired anti-social attitudes and disdain for established artistic tradition. He hated them and wanted to show the fake and the nightmares of poor innocent people that were fighting a useless war that was all about Power and Status.

Now the rich persons are paying millions to buy a piece of shit of Dada.

Andre Breton is laughing in his grave and the rich people are laughing also because they also have fun.


Dadadada. Childisch Behavior.


Are we watching the End of Western Civilisation?

I don’t know.

The rich have all the money and therefore the power to stay in power.

The children watch the Jet-Set on Television and also want to be rich.

If they are very poor they Join the Army.


Why Crazy people Always Win a War

Friday, June 8th, 2007
In the New York Review of Books of this month (June 2007) Robert Cottrel reviews the book “A Russian Diary” by Anna Politkovskaya. She was a very famous Russian journalist who was assassinated October 2006 in Moskow. 

Anna had the Guts to oppose Putin. The book is about him and the current situation in Russia. Robert Cottwel is very negative about the way the West is treating Russia. They need the oil and gas and don’t see that a possible world-wide war between Russia and the West is near.

The story about Russia is very frightening. Putin is a brilliant manipulator who is combining all his old skills (KGB), his almost total power and the underlying aggression in Russia to “Take Revenge”. 

I want to focus on one aspect in this article. It is about Kayrov the President of Chechnya. He is appointed by Putin. Anna interviews him. She finds out that he is completely crazy. He loves to kill and torture and he is very open about that.

Later in the article we find a small poem that was published in Russian Newspapers. The poem is about taking over Estonia. This will be easy “Who in NATO cares? .. They are Cowards,… in the end we will strike and make a deal with those greedy pigs. Who will sell their mother for gas”. 

With this in mind I thought about the Ethics of War.

Question 1:  What is Ethics?

The definition of Ethics is simple: Things normal people don’t do in a normal situation. War is not normal so you would say ethics is not possible but soldiers are normal  people that are trained to experience war as normal. Soldiers are tested and trained to behave normal. Crazy people are not hired. A soldier can become crazy because of the war-situation and kill and torture innocent people. We, in The West, are doing are utmost best to prevent this.

Question 2: What is Crazy (Not Normal)?

This question is easy to answer because craziness is like all diseases standardized by psychiatrist. It is just a matter of answering a few questions and the treatment and the pills comes out.  

A theory that explains mental illness is called Interpersonal Theory (See Horowitz.L.M, (2003), Interpersonal Foundations of Psychopathology).

People interact and in the interaction they show expected behavior. If a person shows standardized behavior (he is not flexible) he is “MAD”.

An example of highly standardized not flexible behavior is Paranoid. People always react according to the same rules.

Crazy people are people that are like computers; they are programmed.  They don’t see, feel, or hear the Other. They are alone in the universe. They love to kill and torture because they and not able to be empathic. They look at their victims and have fun. They hate their victims because they look like greedy pigs who will sell their mother for gas and they love their mother. 

Why are  the soldiers of NATO cowards? The answer is simple because they are normal and most of them are empathic. They flip when they realize what the others have done to their friends, their comrades.

Now I know why the story about Russia is frightening. Putin is mad. Perhaps he is even paranoid. He wants to restore the old Russian Empire. Like all his Predecessors.

He knows that the West is totally dependent on energy and he plays with them. He gives the greedy pigs the food they want. He knows they will negociate to keep their wealth.

What he does not realize is that in the West people can become crazy and some of them are in the Army. When they are brutallized till the end they flip and they will use non-normal highly destructive weapons. If this happens we are in Armageddon.

Perhaps we have a chance when we change our selection policy of soldiers and select real crazy people.

This will frighten Putin.