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About Memory

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

There are three types of memory very-short (sensory), short and long term memory. All the memories are indexed. Long-term memory is semantically indexed. The bridge between short- and long term memory is sleep.

When the body sleeps all the power of the Human Computer is used to index and compress the data that is gathered during the day.

Memory acts in two ways. It produces data when you want to retrieve the data and it produces data you don’t want to recall (remembering). Sometimes you remember something you don’t want to remember. It is even possible to remember something that never happened or to create memories about something that never happened.

If you read the previous lines in an observer-mode you will see that almost all the language I use is related to a “Computer Metaphor”.

Thinking about memory (and many more issues) is highly influenced by the way we build computers.

When we go back in time we find that memory was related to something called a Locus. A locus is a location or place. A beautiful example is a “Memory Palace“. You create a building and fill it with rooms and the rooms with attributes. Every room and attribute is related to something you want to remember. The technique of the Memory Palace produces spectacular results.

David Grove is a very innovative therapist. He discovered that the best way to help his patients was to ask 9 questions that would least influence the patient in their metaphorical journey. His technique was called Clean Language.

David has since developed his work through Clean Space (moving clients on by literally moving them around in space) and Clean Worlds (which explores the boundaries between spaces). When you use Clean Space you just map your Journey on a (Psycho-) Landscape and visit the LOCI you Feel you Have to Visit. When you feel you are at the Right Location you ask “what do you know now, from that space there? And the answer comes immediately.

The Sanskrit word Akasha means “Space”. According to a very old Indian theory we, the Humans, are not the carryers of memory att all. Everything that happens and will happen is stored in Space.

With the current knowlegde of Science we would say that Memory is stored in an Electro-Magnetic Field. The method of Storage is comparable to a Hologram. Almost nobody believes this is possible. I think they don’t believe it is possible because they don’t know “How it Works”.

Holographic datastorage is recently introduced in the Market. Everybody believes it will work. Almost nobody knows “How it Works”.

Humans are Funny Creatures. We are always looking for NEW LOCI and forget what we have stored at the OLD LOCUS until somebody asks us to stop and look around.