About Chaos Theory, Pendulums, Emergence and the New Leaders

Chaos theory describes the behavior of nonlinear dynamic system that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. As the result of this sensitivity, the behavior of these systems appears to be random. The cases of most interest arise when the chaotic behaviour takes place on an Attractor since then a large set of initial conditions will lead to orbits that converge to a region.

The Dutch Scientist Christiaan Huygens observed that clocks always synchronize. They converge to the same rhythm. How this was possible was resolved when Chaos Theory was developed.

The problem of Huygens is now reformulated as “Coupled Oscillators“. When the Parts of a System are more or less “the Same”, they Unite and start to behave as a Collective.

In recent years it has become more and more evident that well organized structures arise out of chaotic states. The functioning of these systems can be maintained only by a flux of energy (and matter) through them.In contrast to man to man-made machines, which are devised to exhibit special structures these structures develop spontaneously they are self-organizing”.

The appearance of Self-organization is called Emergence. Suddenly a new structure emerges out of the blue.

A few years ago I was asked to participate in an event where many people were drumming. We started with our own rhythms. Suddenly a Pattern Emerged. I felt this pattern and started to play the rhythm. Suddenly everybody Synchronized with my pattern. I was in the Lead and started to play Variations. Suddenly a new pattern appeared. This went on for hours.

When I was drumming I felt there was an new ATTRACTOR emerging. The state before the Pattern Emerged was an “In-Between-State”. Many people felt something was Moving but they did not know where the Pattern was going to.

The world is now in an “IN-BETWEEN-STATE”. Many ATTRACTORS are Possible. The ATTRACTOR is dependent on how many People will be “The Same”.

Some people are Sensitive. They feel the new pattern much earlier than others. They can take the Lead and show others where we are heading to.

In Dutch Politics the new Leaders are visible. They preach the War against Islam just like Pim Fortuyn. They use the Fear to Change as an Attractor. In the Media another type of Leader is visible, The Star. She is using Desire (Ego) to Attract.

We are waiting for other types that use Soul, Spirit and Harmony as an attractor. Some of them will come out of the New Religious Movement (The new Mystics) that is very visible in the Netherlands. Others, Artists, will create new Myths and Music. Others will stimulate People to Take Care of the Others (Charitas). Perhaps One of Them is able to Unite Everybody.

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