About The Illusion of Collaboration

I want to focus on the “Programmer in You”. With the “Programmer in You” I mean the capability of the human being to structure, to program his life and his environment.

Usually we call this ability Thinking. I hope you agree that a human being has more capabilities like Feeling, Imagining, Sensing and Consciousness. We imagine we can program them into a machine.

I want to play in a very small domain. We call this domain a context, an environment or an ecology. To make it very simple we imagine only two human beings.

To evolve the context they have the possibility to cooperate, to dominate the other or the work alone. This is also happening in large contexts.

Companies have a choice to compete, to cooperate or to work alone. Personally I don’t think the last possibility is realistic in the current situation. To make things more simple we assume that cooperation is the best way to act.

The question I want to raise is “Is it possible to cooperate by using the ability “Thinking”? The answer is simply no. We need the other faculties also.

We have to sense the environment, be creative when something happens we don’t expect and we have to evaluate possible actions. Emotions evaluate and expectations are related to thinking about the future.

When we only have the faculty of a Programmer the only thing we can do is to program (think about) senses, emotions and action. This is a very important insight.

When we are programming we are programming everything but what we program is not what exists in reality. Programmed senses are not comparable to our real senses. They are a subset, a model of reality and a computer is a beautifull tool to implement a model and nothing more.

So if we program Collaboration we are creating something very special. We are creating a thought (the effect of thinking). We are creating the Illusion of Collaboration.

This does not mean that the Illusion of Collaboration is blocking Collaboration. To collaborate in real life we have to use our other faculties also.

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